User Reviews

Excellent wireless data transfer program for iOS devices

Michael L/2017-12-05 18:15:47

As a big fan of Apple, I gotta say this program is awesome. It makes sharing things among iOS devices extremely easy. I like taking pictures and videos to record my life and I used to use iCloud to transfer those photos and videos to my iPad, now I can use this app to do it and it's a lot faster and much more convenient.

Super powerful for wireless transfer

Patrick Parker/2017-12-06 03:01:49

Before I ran into this program I used to share photos with my wife and my daughter via AirDrop, it's okay but not so much when compared to AirShareup. This app really puts AirDrop to shame. Now I can share not only photos but videos and music. Definitely deserves a thumbs-up.

In general, an impressively high quality data transfer program

Jesse03/2017-09-29 12:00:43

Overall a great app, easy to use and no learning curve. I immediately learned how to use it without having to look for instructions.

High quality and convenient

BacktoSchool/2017-10-10 12:13:20

Never would've thought I can share music on my iPhone with another iPhone because Apple kinda made it impossible. What this app does is really amazing, now I can share the songs on my iPhone with my friends wirelessly.Loving it.

User-friendly and Efficient

McQuillH/2017-12-01 09:56:31

This program is amazing. You'd think an app that's capable of doing things like this would take you hours to set up and learn how to use. But the fact is I spent 5 minutes installing and setting it up on my computer and iPhone and I've already started sharing movies on my computer to my iPhone. User-friendly and efficient, kudos.